Biblical Unity Ministries

 Welcome to the website of Biblical Unity Ministries (B.U.M.). Biblical Unity Ministries is a target and sub ministry of Biblically Correct Ministries,  which is the Teaching, Writing, and Media Ministry of former pastor Bret Lovitz. This involves preaching and teaching in past Sunday worship services of Biblical Unity Ministries; the writing of articles, gospel brochures and tracts; preaching and speaking at churches, conferences and events; and the media ministry aspect of Biblically Correct Ministries which includes the Christian Talk Shows "Biblically Correct" on radio and local tv in the past, and "The Pester Brat Report" and "Take Five Videos"on the internet.


The purpose and goal of Biblical Unity Ministries is to be a vehicle of God to bring about reformation, restoration, reconcilation, and greater biblical unity in the local and universal church without compromising the biblical gospel and sound doctrine. We believe this can be accomplished through the God-glorifying method of book/chapter/verse by verse preaching in the local church's main worship service where most professing Christians attend.


Biblical Unity Ministries is independent and non denominational, and not affiliated with, is not of like faith with, or similar to, Unity or Unitarian Universalist denominations, associations, organizations, and churches. The emphasis as reflected in the name is on biblical unity, not ecumentical unity at the expense of sound biblical doctrine (teaching). For more information please check out the other pages on this website. May the Lord bless you!