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Christian Service Resume For Bret Lovitz
Personal Cell: 205-401-5158; Personal Email:
Address: 3045 New Castle Rd; Birmingham, AL. 35217

Statement and Objectives

Pastor with over 25 years of ministry experience and 14 years of sole/senior pastor experience desires to continue serving the Lord through one of His local churches full time or bi-vocationally by leading the church in being a God glorifying, Christ honoring, bible centered church through the prayers prayed, songs sung, and God's word read and proclaimed through predominately expository preaching; to preach the biblical gospel (nothing more and nothing less); Christian Discipleship; encourage the church to use their God-given gifts and talents in and out of the local church; love and pray for the church, and visit them when they are providentially hindered; visit those who visited our church; evangelize the surrounding communities.

Ministry and Pastoral Experience From Present to Beginning

1. Started attending Philadelphia Baptist Church, an SBC Church in the Birmingham Baptist Association, in late May 2012 and became members several months later. I do the live webcasting, led one of the Small Groups, and fill in as the Senior Adults Sunday School Teacher as needed. They already have 4 pastors and another in waiting.

2. Began hosting "Biblically Correct" in the Birmingham Alabama area in April 2009, lasting a couple of years on two other stations as well, until funds ran out. Would like to go back to television and/or radio if it is the Lord's Will.

3. Began Biblical Unity Ministries and started holding services in our home in January 2009. Stopped actively pastoring and having worship services the last Sunday in April 2012. I had no denominational or financial backing then and was working full time with much overtime.

4. Senior Pastor and Fellow Elder of Grace Fellowship in Mountain Home Idaho from November 2004 to February 2008. A Baptist Church, I followed the founding pastor after he died. They started considering one year after we got there whether they wanted to merge with a church of like faith in the same town because most of the churches in the somewhat isolated small air force town were losing members due to the Iraq War. Took some time, and the church closed up 2 weeks after we left Idaho for here. Sermons were online and played on a local public access cable station in town, and I produced and hosted a talk show called Biblically Correct on the same public access cable station as well as a radio station in Boise Idaho.

5. Pastor of First Free Will Baptist Church** that later became Cornerstone Community Baptist Church and no longer Free Will Baptist in April 2000, in Deerfield Beach Florida from November 1997 to November 2004. Ordained February 1998.

6. Began frequenting Christian websites, discussion boards, chat rooms, and email lists, engaging in discussions with many pastors and Christians, and reading books and many articles from numerous theologians and pastors dead and alive about church history, biblical doctrine, pastoral and church issues, and Christian life, from June 1997 to Present. I believe this to be the next best preparation to bible college or seminary.


7. Began attending Waldorf Free Will Baptist Church** in May 1987 after having been regenerated and saved by the Lord through His sacrifical death and glorious resurrection in Dec. 1986. Personally discipled early by our first pastor (James Sasser) June 1987 through June 1991. I was unofficial* Lay Asst. Pastor after first pastor left October 1992 to January 1993 and unofficial* Lay Pastor after second pastor left November 1994 to March 1995. I served the Lord through the following ministries at our first church: Junior Church Leader; Song Leader; Adult Sunday School Teacher; Teen Sunday School Teacher; Church Van Driver; Licensed to preach the gospel; Preaching in the absence of second and third pastors. I was also like an unofficial* Assistant to the third pastor of this church January 1993 to November 1997.

* Home mission church and not yet self supporting.

** I have not been Free Will Baptist doctrinally since late 1997.


Born November 30, 1958 in Washington DC and raised in the Maryland suburbs. Married my first and only wife Nola on July 8, 1978. We have 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren. The Lord saved me in December 1986 and my wife Nola in August of 1987. Our 3 daughters are Christians and are attending church faithfully.

Brief Summary of Beliefs

I hold to the essentials of the Biblical Historical Christian Faith. I'm a believers baptist; hold to the inerrancy, authority, and sufficency of scriptures. I believe the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message (SBC), Abstract of Principles (SBTS), and the New Hampshire and Philadelphia Baptist Confessions of Faith. More details furnished upon request.