Biblical Unity Ministries

If you have any questions for Brother Bret, feel free to contact him by email or phone. If you have access to internet service, email is the preferred way to contact him. The reason for this is unless or until this Ministry is able to fully support Brother Bret and his family he will also be working full time. Therefore because of the busy-ness of his schedule, he often sends and receives email late at night. However if you do not have access to internet service, or just plain prefer to talk on the phone, feel free to call. Depending on when you call, you may have to leave a message and Brother Bret will call you back as soon as he can.  

Thank you for your anticipated understanding.



Phone: 205-401-5158

Address: Biblically Correct Ministries

               3045 New Castle Rd.

               Birmingham, AL. 35217-1130