Biblical Unity Ministries


Constitution and Bylaws of Biblically Correct Ministries, the Parent Ministry of Biblical Unity Ministries, Levi-athan Ministries, Sheep-finders Ministries, and Deo Natura Ministries


The name of this Parent Ministry shall be known as Biblically Correct Ministries. Target Ministry Biblical Unity Ministries is not affiliated with other ministries with the word "Unity" in their titles and/or that belongs to the Unitarian and/or Universalist organizations or movements. Biblically Correct Ministries is the Speaking, Teaching, Writing and Media Ministry of currently inactive pastor Bret Lovitz that is revealed through the above sister and sub target ministries. Biblically Correct Ministries includes the Media Ministry of the talk shows "Biblically Correct" and "The Pester Brat Report."

The mission of this ministry shall be as follows:

1. To be as "biblically correct" as possible by God's grace in matters of faith, church, and all of life.

2. Practice, promote and encourage the method of book/chapter/verse by verse preaching and teaching of the word of God in the main worship services, so as to help keep God’s word in context and not deliberately or inadvertently skip various truths, with the goal of being a means to bring about reformation, restoration, reconciliation, and biblical unity in the body of Christ; lovingly but boldly deal with the doctrinal and ecclesiastical differences in the body of Christ that causes such disunity and division (Biblical Unity Ministries).

3. Proclaim the biblical gospel of the perfect sinless life, sacrificial death, and bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ to save repentant believers, and to not add to or take away from that by God’s grace. Not just in the churches, but also in the cities, towns and communities in our area, and through those who are called in and out of our local church by supporting those who go to the uttermost parts of our country and world (all ministries).

4. Promote better nutrition, and natural alternatives to various illnesses (Deo Natura Ministries).

5. Promote and encourage awareness and preparedness from both a temporal and eternal perspective regarding the constitution, economy, and biblical prophecy. (Media Ministry of Biblically Correct Ministries)

6. Biblically Correct Ministries, founded by Bret Lovitz, shall involve the following:

a) Television, Radio, and Internet Talk Shows (Biblically Correct Ministries).

b) Writing and Distribution of Books, Blogs, Articles, Brochures, and Tracts (all ministries).

c) Minister and be ministered to & through such social websites as Facebook.

d) As an alleged decendant from the tribe of Levi (Lovitz), ministry outreach to the Jewish People (Levi-athan Ministries).

e) As a "sovereign grace" Christian, ministry outreach to find Christ's lost sheep. (Sheep-finders Ministries)

f) As a man diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in March 2011, promote and encourage better nutrition and natural alternatives (Deo Natura Ministries).

g) Speaking at churches, conferences, and other events.

h) Production and Distribution of Video and Audio Recordings of Biblically Correct, The Pester Brat Report & past sermons.


Statement of Faith

As a result of years of verse by verse expository preaching and comparing scripture with scripture, the following is a statement of faith for Biblically Correct Ministries and all target and sub ministries.

"We believe that there is one true, eternal and living God yet three Persons known as the Father,  the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who created and sustains the universe and world; that Jesus the Christ/Messiah is fully God and fully man who as the sinless son of God born of a virgin lived a sinless righteous life fulfilling the law, was sent to save His people from their sins and purchase the church with His own blood before He bodily rose from the dead, His ascension back to The Father and Heaven, His ongoing work of intercession for His people, His second coming, and further believe that His sacrificial death and resurrection is sufficient to save, and that He will not lose any of those that the Father gave to Him- neither shall any of them perish; that the Holy Spirit is just as much God as the Father and Son, that He is the Comforter/Helper, convicts of sin, regenerates/quickens/makes alive sinners because they are dead in trespasses and sins, seals them until the day of redemption, and primarily brings glory to the Father and Son- not Himself; that salvation is by God's free and sovereign grace alone through faith alone in Christ and His finished work alone, through the means of the Gospel and God's Word alone, for the glory of God alone; that the bible is the word of God from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 plus or minus nothing, and is God's sufficient means to draw/call/quicken or make alive/regenerate/new birth or born again and save sinners; literal Angels, Satan and Demons; a literal eternal Lake of Fire where all those that were not born again and therefore were not saved by trusting in the Person and Work of Christ with a repentant faith will spend eternity."


For those who prefer the historic Christian Church confessions, Biblically Correct Ministries is in agreement with the following Confessions of Faith: The Abstract of Principles, The New Hampshire Confession of Faith, The Philadelphia Confession of Faith, The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. 


Ministry Financial Support and Compensation

We appreciate all those willing to financially give to this ministry to help support us. For those individuals that consider supporting us financially, we ask that you do not take away from your tithing or regular committed giving to your local church. Founder and Director Bret Lovitz may be paid a housing allowance of $350.00 per month to help offset the cost of the use of his family's home and resources, and any time and effort for the ministry. As of April 2013 Founder and Director Bret Lovitz volunteered to not accept compensation from Biblically Correct ministries until further notice.


Ministry Dissolution

Should the Founder and Director Bret Lovitz determine that it may be necessary to fully dissolve Biblically Correct Ministries, he will donate any funds that remain after all debts and obligations have been paid, to a church or ministry of like faith.


These Bylaws may be modified, added to, or deleted at any time after the prayerful discretion and consideration of Founder and Director Bret Lovitz.