Biblical Unity Ministries

Bret Lovitz is a former pastor and the founder and director of Biblical Unity Ministries, a sub and target ministry of Biblically Correct Ministries. He has been married to his one and only wife Nola since July 1978. They have three grown children living in Alabama, one of them is married with 3 children. His only son-in-law is an Interim Pastor in Graysville Alabama.


The Lord saved Brother Bret in December 1986 and he began pastoring in November 1997. He pastored for seven years in SE Florida, three years and three months in SW Idaho, and three years and four months in central Alabama.


In addition to preaching and teaching the word of God, hosting the talk shows "Biblically Correct" and "The Pester Brat Report" and ministering through various forums on the internet, Brother Bret also enjoys spending time and eating out with his wife and family, and fellowshipping with his church family and other Christians. He also works full time at a dairy manufacturing company in Birmingham Alabama as a Supervisor in the Cooler Warehouse.

Brother Bret loves the Lord, His word, His Church, and all people. He desires to see greater biblical unity in the Body of Christ through the method of book/ chapter/verse by verse preaching in the main worship services; churches repenting of the numerous unbiblical practices and teaching, compromising of the gospel and preaching of God's word, and omitting of biblical practices that should be taking place. His hope and prayer is that the Lord may be pleased to use him to bring as many of His sheep to Christ and one of His biblical local churches, as He will. He and his wife and two older daughters are members of The Philadelphia Baptist Church in Cahaba Heights Alabama. If you have any questions or comments for Brother Bret, please don't hesitate to contact him at 205-401-5158 or To God be the glory!