Biblical Unity Ministries

Join the Christian Revolution!!!

Be a B.U.M.

Are you tired of the disunity in Christ's Church?

Do you have a deep abiding love for the Lord, His Church, and His word?

Would you be willing to strive for more BIBLICAL unity without compromising the gospel and sound doctrine?

Would you like to further glorify God by being a part of a movement to achieve much greater biblical unity in the body of Christ?

Do you believe God when He says with Him all things are possible and that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us? 


"Then let's reconcile and reunite born again Christian friends and family by minimizing our differences, divisions, and disunity, through the best, wisest, and God glorifying preaching method!" 


What is this method?

Book/Chapter/Verse by Verse preaching in the main worship service where most professing Christians attend. 


What you can do: 

1. Read the "Ten Ways" and "Ten Reasons" articles on this website.

2. Listen to messages and/or participate in recorded worship services on this website.

3. Lovingly talk to your church leadership about preaching the word of God by book/chapter/ verse by verse in the main worship service if they aren't already.

4. If they won't change (most probably won't), contact me to see if there is a church in your area we can recommend.

5. Pray, pray, pray, for biblical unity in the body of Christ.

6. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors about this website and ministry. Spread the word!

7. If you live in the Birmingham Alabama metro area, join us for worship each Sunday at 10:30am at Philadelphia Baptist Church located in the Cahaba Heights area of Vestavia Hills, Alabama. For more information please go to  


So let's start the right kind of revolution. One that would glorify God and bring about much greater biblical unity.



Biblical Unity Ministries


Attempting by the grace of God to reunite family and friends and bring greater biblical unity to the body of Christ one verse and one family at a time!